AVC794 zC

AVC794 zC

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Full D1 4 kênh .Công nghệ mới (IVS ,DCCS 1 kênh) khi kết hợp với camera IVS : đếm lưu lượng ra vào , Báo động qua điện thoại di động IPHONE 3G khi dùng camera AVM602V .
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Full D1 4 kênh .Công nghệ mới (IVS ,DCCS 1 kênh) khi kết hợp với camera IVS : đếm lưu lượng ra vào 

Báo động qua điện thoại di động IPHONE 3G  khi dùng camera AVM602V .

Điều khiển camera PTZ  IVS trên IPHONE bằng cảm ứng đa điểm   v.v

Hỗ trợ xử dụng 2 HDD Sata 2TB .Công nghệ DCCS





Mobile Sureillance with EagleEyes

Compatible with many popular mobile platforms, such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian & Android.

Remote Surveillance with Browsers and CMS

For web browsers, compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari & Opera.

For CMS software, available with our self-developed and free software, “Video Viewer.

Applicable also to Apple’s media player, QuickTime.

iPhone Push Notification ( worked with AVM 602 )

Supports sending Push Notification to your iPhone for instant event notification when a man is detected (human detection).

Intelligent Surveillance

Virtual Fence

A virtual intruder detection line is set to detect intruders crossing the detection line.

Flow Counting

A virtual detection line is set to detect the moving direction of pedestrians for flow counting.

Single Channel Motion Recording

Only the channel with an event will be recorded to effectively save a significant amount of hard disk space and have the maximized recording time.

Supports pre-alarm recording.

DVR/ Camera Communication System ( DCCS)

For PTZ or zoom-lens control cameras, there’s no need to additionally connect RS485 control wires for camera control because the control signals can be transferred by coaxial cables directly.

Camera installation is highly simplified to lower labor cost and working hours.

Full D1 Recording

Full D1 at real-time record on all channels.

Fully Remote Independent Operation

Channel switching & video playback are fully independent from the local site, allowing users to have private image monitoring remotely.

High Performance Design

Definable “Resolution” / ”Quality” / ”IPS” by channels at your preferences to increase the recording efficiency, and avoid any important scenes to be missed.

Video Output

Supports video output for both composite & VGA simultaneously.

Support VGA resolution output up to 1600 x 1200.


Allows live display, record, playback, backup and network operation at the same time.

Backup Function

Supports USB flash drive and network backup.




Video System

NTSC / PAL (auto detection)

Video Compression Format


Video Input


4 channels (Composite video signal 1 Vp-p 75Ω BNC)

Video Output (BNC)

Main Monitor

For stable display

Call Monitor

For sequence display

Video Output (VGA)

Built-in (Output resolution up to 1600 x 1200)

Audio Input / Output

4 audio inputs, 1 audio output (Mono)

Maximum Recording Rate


704×480 pixels with 120 IPS / 704×576 pixels with 100 IPS


704x240 pixels with 120 IPS / 704×288 pixels with 100 IPS


352×240 pixels with 120 IPS / 352×288 pixels with 100 IPS

DCCS Support


IVS Support

YES (4 channels)

Image Quality Setting


Hard Disk Storage

Accommodates 2 SATA HDDs (1 HDD capacity up to 2TB)

Quick Search

Time / Motion / Alarm search mode

SATA Interface


Recording Mode

Manual / Timer / Motion / Alarm / Remote

Multiplex Operation

Live display / record / playback / backup / network operations

USB Mouse Control


Motion Detection Area

16 × 12 grids per channel

Motion Detection Sensitivity

3 adjustable parameters for accurate detection

Pre-alarm Recording


Backup Device

USB 2.0 flash drive / Network

Web Transmitting Compression Format


Network Live Audio



10/100 Base-T. Supports remote control and live view via Ethernet

Network Protocol


Fully Remote Independent Operation


Event Notification

By FTP / E-Mail

R.E.T.R. (Remote Event Trigger Recording)


IR Remote Control

YES (IR receiver built-in)

Mobile Surveillance

YES (Including iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, & Symbian)

Remote Surveillance

(Operating System: Windows 7 / Vista / XP)


Our self-developed and free software, “Video Viewer”

Web Browser:

Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple

Safari & Opera

Media Player:


Max. on-line user:


Picture Zoom

2X digital zoom

PTZ Control


Alarm I/O

4 inputs, 1 output

Key Lock (Password Protection)


User Level

Administrator & Operator

Video Loss Detection


Camera Title

Supports up to 12 letters

Video Adjustable

Hue / Saturation / Contrast / Brightness

Date Display Format


Daylight Saving


Power Source (±10%)

DC 19V

Power Consumption (±10%)

<42 W

Operating Temperature

10℃ ~ 40℃ (50℉~104℉)

Dimensions (mm)**

375(W) × 61(H) × 281(D)

System Recovery

System auto recovery after power failure

Optional Peripherals

Keyboard Controller

*The specifications are subject to change without notice.

** Dimensional tolerance: ±5mm

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